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Software Solutions

Agiga.Com uses a broad range of technologies and expertise to help clients succeed in delivering business value through cost effective, sustainable and scalable software. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs and requirements, we deliver tailored cost competitive, scalable and robust solutions. Our services range from the development of custom software applications to maintenance of existing applications

Customized Software

Looking for an ideal software specially made for your business? Throughout many years of helping clients on tailor made in house softwares, perfectly fit in for their business requirement, is capable to deliver the software solution that can fulfil your business requirement. From Desktop application, intranet, web-based Software or even an App for your company. Talk to our consultant today.

Mobile Native Apps

Native apps are often contrasted with Web-based applications that are stored on a server and interpreted one line at a time by the browser's JavaScript or HTML5 interpreter. A native app, written for a specific hardware platform, will always run faster than a Web app, because there is no translation processing taking place.

Enteprise Class Solutions

Use constructs like strong typing, inheritance, and interfaces to program more efficiently. Extensive mobile and traditional components help speed development. Our cross-platform and native experience Create applications that run consistently across Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and iOS devices, as well as inside the browser and on traditional desktop computers.